Tuber Magnatum pico



Types of truffles, Tuber Magnatum pico

Fresh white truffles of the Tuber Magnatum pico type, which is the most expensive type of truffle.
Class B includes truffles with normal shape and large truffles with an unattractive shape, weighing between 10 and 20 grams and may have minor injuries and scratches. The size in diameter is about 2-3 cm. There may be truffles that are larger than 20 grams and have an unattractive shape or large broken or cut truffles.

Other names: white truffle Alba, Tuber Magnatum pico, white truffle.

Storage: Refrigerator at +2°C.

Shelf life: When stored optimally, it lasts 5-8 days.

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100g., 200g., 500g., 1kg


A-Grade, B-Grade, C-Grade


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